About The Studio

    Our recording studio is located in Kingston, New Brunswick.  It is an in-home studio with a main mixing/tracking room and a treated room for tracking vocals, acoustic instruments and more.  We can accommodate individuals and bands up to 8 members tracking simultaneously and even have a lounge area for writing or relaxing. We are also able to record in remote locations if you would like to track in your favourite room or track a live performance.

Vocal Booth

Our vocal booth is very versatile. While recording overdubs, it's the ideal place to track vocals and acoustic instruments where sensitive condenser mics are often used.  It can also accommodate a drum kit if you're recording live on the floor with others band members.

Guitar World

Use any of our guitar and bass amps or bring your own! This is a great space to track electric guitars and bass guitars among other instruments. Located beside the mixing desk, it allows for easy communication with the producer and/or mix engineer and allows plenty of room for pedal boards and other accessories. 


Use our lounge to work out arrangements, as a comfortable writing area or to relax with a tea or coffee while others are tracking.  

Some Of Our Work

Kevin Chase - I'm From the Country



Darren McGinnis - Postmarked Birmingham



Scott Gogan/Darren McGinnis - I Just Called To Say I Love You

*Drums pictured in video were for video recording only



Yvonne McNamara - Broken Wing

*Video not from Creekside Sound



Holly Campbell - Bless the Broken Road