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What We Offer


    Creekside Sound provides live sound reproduction and recording studio services in the greater Saint John, New Brunswick area.  Our studio is fully functional and can accommodate bands up to 6 members.  Our live sound reproduction uses modern digital technology to provide the band with modern perks such as in ear monitors and live multitrack recording.  We are also available for contract work if you just need someone to mix your event.  Creekside Sound is also available for training.  We love to work with schools and churches to make sure their volunteers are well equipped to get the most out of their systems and make their music sound its best! 


    Creekside Sound is owned and operated by Justin Cowan.  First a bass player, then a drummer, live sound became a passion that developed from years of doing double-duty (playing and mixing).  As time progressed, Justin decided to branch out and try his hand in the studio.  Over the years he developed his mixing and recording skills as well as building a sizeable collection of live and studio equipment.  Both of these factors led him to forming Creekside Sound as a way to share his passion of making great music sound great!


    "We want to make sure recording and performing is affordable so we can do our part to keep local music going"

 Justin Cowan- 2019Justin Cowan- 2019