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    Our recording studio is located in Kingston, New Brunswick.  It is an in-home studio with a main mixing/tracking room and a treated room for tracking vocals and other various instruments.  We can accommodate individuals and bands up to 8 members tracking simultaneously and even have a lounge area for writing or relaxing. We are also able to record in remote locations if you would like to track in your favourite room or track a live performance.


    Studio time is booked along with the mix engineer with mixing services also provided. To get the best final product we highly recommend that you have your tracks mastered.  Although mastering services are currently not provided by Creekside Sound, we can recommend and send files out for mastering on your behalf. 


    We have a wide variety of gear to make sure we get the best quality recording possible.  We track through high quality preamps and process in a hybrid style with both outboard gear and in-the-box plug-ins.  Montioring is done via Behringer X32 which allows for stereo mixes for each member of the band that can either be controlled by the engineer or the musician.  Creekside has instruments available that can be used upon request.  More information can be found in the "Gear" section of the website. 




    For more information on our studio, rates and availability, feel free to contact us via the form on the left or by calling us at (506)608-7468



Tama Superstar HyperdriveTama Superstar Hyperdrive




Studio LoungeStudio Lounge


























Lily Alexander- 2020Lily Alexander- 2020



Yvonne McNamara- 2020Yvonne McNamara- 2020



















Rebekah Lomax- 2020Rebekah Lomax- 2020